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This is the storage of all information relating the the Vulcan series. This series is comic inspired and is the brainshild of Adam and Nick. Hopefully, this will one day become more than just a concept and into a tangible story, but for now the kinks are being worked out. Nothing on this wiki is final, and it is entirely likely that most of the things put on here will not stay. That's the nature of creating a new world.

That aside, feel free to check out the things here. You can even make some suggestions if you'd like! It'd really help for some worldbuilding tips, but it is obviously not required.

Cheers, Adam and Nick.

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The Vulcan is a superhero-type story that takes place in a Southern Californian city, Los Sabios, in the near future of 2033. In this time a unique problem has arisen for our protagonist, Ana Molovceal. All the crime taking place in Los Sabios is headed by supernatural beings commonly known as the Bosses.

Ana must push forward with her brother's suit designs, with others who know of the bosses, and with her earned skill of fighting in order to destroy the threat of the bosses and cut Los Sabios loose from the ball-and-chain that is crime, though it will take much more than fists to get the job done.

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